Notes from the 7/31 NXT TV Tapings


I attended the 7/31 NXT TV taping at Full Sail University, and here are a few random observations and notes from the show.

Note: I am going to spoil a few matches and the like, so only read if you’re okay with knowing what’s coming up. 

  • Solomon Crowe (aka CZW’s Sami Callihan) is over big with most of the crowd. The NXT crowd over all is pretty wrestling savvy, and so a good number of them know him from his CZW days. This was only a dark match though.
  • Carmella made her full sail debut, in what I assume is another dark match. The crowd was somewhat confused, as her gimmick comes off as like an Italian version of Sasha Banks. She lost relatively quickly to Natalya. 
  • Enzo/Cass Vs. The Vaudvillians was set to be huge, but was very short. Almost seemed like a squash with how quick Cass/Enzo lost. Crowd was split 50/50 in support. Both teams are over huge. 
  • Mojo Rawley is the most disliked man in the world as far as the NXT live crowd is concerned. Constant boo’s and groans whenever he walks out. Even more when he cuts an in-ring promo.
  • Kalisto/Sin Cara is a pairing that makes sense, but Kalisto is very obviously more over than his new partner. 
  • William Regal being announced as new GM makes sense, and he is (deservedly) super over with the crowd. 
  • This crowd (and myself) LOVE Bayley. Seriously, she’s the only female performer who gets just as big a pop as Charlotte. Their match at NXT Takeover 2 might steal the show. 
  • Bull Dempsey is only over when he beats up Mojo Rawley. Beyond that, just the small portion of fans who cheer any heel are the ones making noise for him. 
  • Not much to say about Breeze/Neville/Kidd/Zayn. All of them are over as can be and so the 4-way at Takeover 2 is highly anticipated. 
  • Triple H actually drops the “corporate” gimmick while he shoots his promo. Jokes with the audience a bit to huge pops. 
  • Kalisto and Sin Cara winning the tag tournament over the Vaudvillians is deflating. Crowd still cheers a bit for the fact that we won’t see another Ascension squash match. 
  • Cesaro makes a surprise entrance to an absolutely MASSIVE pop. Nearly blew the roof off the place. Also got a “Welcome home” chant. Big Show had a sizable pop as well. The match they had was very fun, and even featured Cesaro almost swinging Show. Crowd lost their minds again when he signaled he was gonna go for it. 

That’s all I’ve got! I’ll be attending the Takeover 2 live special, as well as the TV taping the day after. Till then, have a good one!

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