NWA Sued Over Alleged Fraudulent Business


Source: Pwinsider

The NWA has been sued by a member of the promotion operating out of Dallas who is alleging insurance fraud by the company. R. Bruce Tharpe filed suit against the National Wrestling Alliance and its parent organization Pro Wrestling Organization, LLC, as well as Bob Trobich, Fred Rubenstein, Bill Behrens, Dave Marquez, Michael Porter, Ken Taylor and Michael Sircy. Tharpe claims that the company purposefully misrepresented itself to their insurance company by saying covered gatherings of 100 members, when events have drawn well over that number and thus put Tharpe and others legally at risk.

The lawsuit also alleges that the NWA fraudulently got Tharpe and others to join by saying they would be covered by the insurance and that Trobich, who is the NWA Executive director, was the head of a conspiracy that along with the Board of Directors threatened members with fines and expulsion if questions about the insurance were brought up. Tharpe is seeking up to $49,000 in damages and an independent audit of the promotion’s finances.

One source close to the situation says that they believe this is an attempt by Tharpe to take over the promotion and run it, noting that Tharpe tried to get others to go along with him against Trobich and when they refused, they were added to the lawsuit. The source notes that Tharpe was tired of seeing Trobich do “nothing” with the company, noting that only Marquez has regular TV and that the organization has no strategy guiding it.

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