NWA Ten Pounds of Gold Livestream Looks at Nick Aldis vs. James Storm


You can check out the livestream archive for NWA’s Ten Pounds of Gold below. This episode looks at the Nick Aldis vs. James Storm title match at NWA Into The Fire pay-per-view event.

As we get closer to NWA Into The Fire, available on PPV – https://www.nationalwrestlingalliance…, the personal issues between NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and James Storm run deep. They last faced in the main event for Ten Pounds Of Gold at the NWA’s Pop Up Event in January of 2019.


During a recent episode of #NWAPowerrr, James Storm brought up that thee National Wrestling Alliance did not highlight or show this match after it happened in either #TenPoundsOfGold or in any form minus the commercial release. One of the conditions that James Storm demanded was that this match be shown in advance of #IntoTheFire so fans can make up their own mind on their conspiracy.

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