NWA Title Changes Hands In Japan + More News


— Satoshi Kojima defeated Rob Conway to win the NWA Heavyweight title in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday at the New Japan Pro Wrestling “Wrestle Kingdom 8” event. This is the first time that the title has changed hands in Japan since Dan Severn beat Shinya Hashimoto on March 9, 2002. Harley Race presented the title to Kojima after the match.

— Here is the press release on the charity work being done for National Pro Wrestling Day II, which happens on February 1 in Easton, PA. The event will feature Eddie Kingston, Colt Cabana, Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis, Drew Gulak, Green Ant, The Estonian Thunderfrog, Joe Pittman and more. You can find more information here.

National Pro Wrestling Day is an action-packed event offered to the public free of charge on February 1st, 2014 at The Palmer Center in Easton, PA. The men and women of NPWD believe in the positive power of pro-wrestling, and we’re asking for your help in proving it to the world.

On National Pro Wrestling Day, we are going to raise money for the Against Malaria Foundation, and together, with the support of wrestling fans worldwide, we will save lives. Renowned for their standout transparency and accountability, the Against Malaria Foundation is one of less than a dozen charitable organizations to be recommended by GiveWell.org, by Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save, and by Giving What We Can. That means the money we donate goes to the people that desperately need our help, not to line some corporate fat-cat’s wallet.

Malaria is among the leading causes of child deaths in Africa. In fact, 3,000 children die every day from Malaria. Yes, every single day. The Against Malaria Foundation provides long-lasting insecticide treated nets to protect against malaria in developing countries. Each net costs about $5 US, and the nets are tested to work effectively for up to 5 years. With our fundraising goal of $5,000.00 US, we aim to play a role in saving 1,000 lives through our combined efforts on National Pro Wrestling Day.

You can make a cash donation the day of the event, or you can make an online donation at any time through February 2nd, 2014 directly through the Against Malaria Foundation page for NPWD 2014 which is live right now. Either way, 100% of the donated funds will go directly to those in need.

We know not everyone can afford to give. That’s why we’re making the entire event free to the public. Donations are entirely optional. You don’t have to spend a dollar to enjoy the action on National Pro Wrestling Day. But if you can help, please do.

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