NWA Title Match Set, Latest ‘TNA Today’, Conway Update, More


— Former WWE Superstar Rob Conway announced on Twitter that he is returning to the ring on Saturday, November 24 in Evansville, Indiana for New Focus Wrestling as he takes on Johnny Richards. He has been unable to wrestle since July due to a biceps tear.

— The NWA has issued the following statement, acknowledging that “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas was an “authorized late entry” into the tournament that won him the NWA World Heavyweight Title and that due to the circumstances, Damien Wayne will get a rematch with Kahagas this Friday an NWA Houston’s “Decision 2012” show:

This statement is to acknowledge that “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas was authorized as a late entry to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament that took place in New Jersey last week – however – in view of the circumstances in which Kahagas became the NWA World Champion, the NWA Board of Governors has decreed that an immediate rematch shall be ordered between Kahagas and Damien Wayne with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

It is hereby ordered that this rematch shall take place this Friday night, November 9th at NWA Houston’s “Decision 2012” event. For event and ticket information visit www.nwahouston.com.

As a courtesy to our fans, the NWA will post the results of this match as soon as possible thereafter, and release a videotape of the match on official NWA media outlets.

We congratulate “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas on his recent NWA World Heavyweight Championship victory, however we caution Kahagas not to relax and enjoy his victory for long, because the challengers are burning up the NWA telephones as they line up for their shot at the “Ten Pounds of Gold.”

R. Bruce Tharpe


National Wrestling Alliance

— Here is the latest edition of “TNA Today” featuring Christy Hemme, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero:

— Here is a promo for the House of Hardcore debut on DVD and Blu-Ray, which was released today and is available here:

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