nWo DVD Cover Revealed, Mick Foley Blogs, Nowinski, More


— The sports concussion documentary Head Games, which features Chris Nowinski and is based off his book on the subject, is in theaters and on Video On Demand today.


— Mick Foley’s latest blog entry discusses his upcoming WWE kid’s book A Most Mizerable Christmas. You can read it here. In it, he talks about how happy he is with the book and what his hopes for success with it are.

He writes, “I guess by now you know that I won’t be shy about getting the word out. I love this book. I’m really happy with the rhymes and the feel of the story, and the little lesson learned by The Miz. I love the fact that my son Mickey inspired it when he was just 3 years old – when he told me to tell Santa that he didn’t need any more toys. St Nick could simply give more toys to the kids who really needed them. I love the idea of being a children’s book author for the first time in 8 years. I know parents are going to love reading it to their children, as much as children love having it read to them. Despite the fact that I kind of liked being that rebel with the book that had been banned, I love the fact that this book is not going to offend anyone. Sure, there is one lone reference to pee-pee, but at worst, it’s a single PG line in an otherwise very G-rated book.”

— Amazon has revealed the cover for the nWo: the Revolution DVD set. If you’re interested, you can click here to view it.

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