NXT Star Jake Atlas Recalls Coming Out To His Mother In People’s Pride Magazine


NXT Superstar Jake Atlas recalls the conversation he had with his mother after coming out as being a homosexual in People’s Pride magazine.

“I came out to my mom when I was 15,” he said. “She cried because she was disappointed.” He noted that his desire to please his mother pushed him to accomplish something big, which paved the way for his success in wrestling.”

Atlas went more in-depth with this story:

“I didn’t tell a friend. I went straight to my mom. It was the first time that I uttered the word ‘gay.’ I didn’t even say bisexual, because I knew I had been lying to myself. I was crying and I even said the words, ‘I know this is wrong, but I’m gay’ … I know that more than anything, she was crying out of disappointment. And she brought religion into it. It was a difficult moment.”

Atlas continued, as he also credited fellow WWE Superstar Sonya Deville as being a huge source of support.

“Sonya was one of the first superstars that reached out to me. We have been able to get closer and understand each other. And like we’re both here, you know? I have your back; you have mine.”

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