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AEW Superstar Nyla Rose Talks All Elite Wrestling Being Inclusive and More

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All Elite Wrestling transgender signee Nyla Rose participated in Reddit AMA last night. Nyla talked about AEW being inclusive and much more. Below are some highlights:

Nyla on AEW’s inclusive roster:

“Well, I certainly and personally believe the fact that they simply want to provide the best product possible product and were proactive in reassuring the fans by issuing a statement of inclusiveness that AEW has the fans best interest in mind. They want you to have a great time and amazing memories and that’s not possible if you have to worry about certain things. Now it goes without saying that you can’t control how people behave but having a company aware of the social climate and making an effort to nullify and negativity is huge. I think [the] normalization of LGBT lives in ANY entertainment medium is more effective than anything.”

Nyla Rose describes her in-ring style:

“A pinch of Batista, a dash of Tazz and a hint of The hot rod I think… the occasional smidge of RVD’s bold daringness…. is that a word?”

Nyla Rose on Aja Kong:

“A true icon and inspiration! I’ve shared a few locker rooms with her in Japan over the last 3 years. But last year I had the honor of tagging with her for Sendai Girls. THAT BACKFIST THOOOOO”

Nyla on if a woman can be World Champion:

“I think if played out right and not rushed it absolutely could and one day WILL happen! I thought (and hoped) that’s where things were headed with Chyna back in the day tbh.”

You can view the full AMA here.

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