nZo Talks Stepping Away From Wrestling, Teases ‘Monumental’ Plans


nZo appeared on Busted Open Radio where he discussed his plans in wrestling and why he stepped away for a bit. 

Here is what he had to say: 

On if he felt the need to step away from wrestling for a bit: “Oh yeah, 110%. I mean, people gotta remember, you know, during that time period where Big Cass was facing some trials and tribulations. That weighed down a lot on what it is that I wanted to achieve in pro wrestling at that time, and where my head was at, and what we were planning on doing together as opposed to, ‘Okay Eric, you’re on your own again, what are you gonna do? How do you see yourself getting involved in the forefront.’

On his plans in the industry: “I can say like, as far as pro wrestling goes? I’m working out some things right now that are f**king monumental. That the world is not gonna see coming from a million miles away. Something that I’m working on that’s going to be very unique, that I just can’t give any details about. And I don’t wanna blow any smoke up anyone’s butt, but we’ll see what happens when it happens.”

On not being interested in shows without fans: “Bottom line is, wrestling is a part of me and I knew I would get involved in it again. But one thing that I will say is, I couldn’t bring myself in this present climate to get out there in front of no fans. I don’t want to say ‘Rest assured,’ but I can almost guaran-damn-tee you that you won’t see my a** pop up unless there’s a big-a** crowd there, ’cause I’m no one without those people. That is what makes pro wrestling, pro wrestling. I think they’ve managed to do some incredible things with what they’ve been given as far as AEW, NXT, Raw, WrestleMania, all the things that guys have done. Impact with Slammiversary. It’s gonna be intriguing to see what the future holds for pro wrestling, especially for a guy like me.”

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