“Obsessed” Shelly ‘Ariel’ Martinez Wanted To Sleep With Paul Heyman In ECW


ECW alum Shelly Martinez wanted to get frisky with Paul Heyman during her time with the promotion.

Martinez, known to fans as Ariel, joined ECW when the brand relaunched in 2006 and was released in May 2007.


While speaking with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Martinez revealed that she was quite fond of Heyman at the time.

“With Heyman, I knew he was a big fan of my looks. There was a time when I went through like a huge obsession with Heyman. I would have slept with him at one point, that’s how obsessed I was.” 

Heyman left WWE in December 2006, after being blamed for the underwhelming December to Dismember pay-per-view; the sole ECW-brand pay-per-view of the revived brand.

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