ODB Comments on Her Food Truck Burning Down, and More


During a recent interview with the WINCLY podcast, ODB commented on her food truck burning down, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On No Investigation: “One night I got a phone call around midnight saying my food truck was on fire. I store it five minutes from my place and I go there and no sh*t the whole thing is up in flames. At first I was kinda shocked and they still don’t know what started it,” ODB said before adding there was no propane and nothing was on the grill. I’m thinking it was electrical but they haven’t really investigated it which I’m kinda pissed about…I’m staying positive but I go from working my ass off on this food truck to absolutely nothing. Then with old, lovely insurance – they are not working well with me. I do belong to State Farm so I’ll have to do a little Smackdown on their ass. You think they got your back until something like this happens and you wonder why you even pay insurance. I don’t get it.”

On DDP Helping Out: “I’ll be giving back – I went through a lot of my wrestling stuff and will part with some of my gear. Hopefully a fan can enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed it. One of the big things I’ll be auctioning off is my TNA wedding dress I got when I married EY on Impact. That’s very special to me and the ring will be coming with it. So, a lucky fan, hopefully a chick my size, can wear it for her own wedding. That would be kinda cool…I’d be the caterer [laughs]. You get an ODB meet and greet.”

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