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Off-Air Notes from 04/15/2019 Episode of Raw; Dean Ambrose Uses the word ‘Retire’


Thanks to a report from PWInsider, we now have some off-air notes about last night’s Monday Night Raw:

  • People still chanted ‘War’ for the newly dubbed Viking Experience (War Raiders)
  • Some people in the crowd tried booing Roman but he held the majority’s support
  • There were loud boos for an XFL commercial
  • Sami Zayn’s turning on the crowd resulted in the chant of “On s’en câlisse” (F- Off)
  • EC3 had to be helped backstage, appeared legit but hopefully just good selling
  • After the show, Dean Ambrose came out for another curtain call – Dean said they are making it hard to retire. He said there’s a reason they keep coming back to Canada and it’s for the crazy fans and thanked the crowd for all the superstars and finished with a “Merci beaucoup, Montreal.”

It’s interesting that Dean Ambrose chose the wording that he did. Use of the word retirement would indicate that perhaps he’s not looking to go to any other promotion.

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