Off Air Notes From Last Night’s SmackDown Tapings


Santino Marella came out and did a sign segment. He pulled a “fan” out of the crowd who had an “I Love Santino” sign and she laid a huge kiss on him and knocked him out.

Jack Swagger came out and complained about not being on the show and ran down Dolph Ziggler. Triple H came out to the biggest pop of the night and laid him out with the Pedigree. This was obviously a house only segment…maybe the Santino segment will air on Smackdown after all?

Mick Foley announced that the dark main event would be Big Show and David Otunga vs. John Cena.

John Cena defeat Big Show and David Otunga in a handicap match following the SmackDown tapings. Laurinaitis did show up at the end and Cena gave him the Attitude Adjustment.

The attendance was about 5,000. There were several sections tarped off, but the crowd was very vocal all night.

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