Old Spice Campaign Featuring “Joseph Average” Will Continue With WWE


Seems as though “Joseph Average” will continue with his Old Spice career in WWE for a bit longer. AdWeek is reporting that following the Old Spice segment at Fastlane, Joseph Average (played by NXT’s Rick Bugez) will be in at least six more segments that will allow for WWE to continue promoting Old Spice products on WWE television.

The campaign will put a focus on NightPanther, a new scent/fragrance by Old Spice. This campaign will run during WrestleMania 37 and will feature Joseph Average, Drew Gulak and The Hurricane.

Stephanie McMahon commented on the new campaign relationship between WWE and Old Spice. She said,

“Old Spice was really looking to target the male 18 to 24 demographic, which WWE can reach in a myriad of ways. I think Old Spice’s type of content is really fun and irreverent. It’s a particular style of humor, and if anybody can help amplify that sort of fun and irreverent style, it’s WWE.”

Matt Krehbiel, Old Spice’s Vice President at P&G, added,

“Old Spice and WWE both have broad appeal with young guys, who are loyal fans of the brands. The new Old Spice NightPanther deodorant scent is the perfect co-star in the latest storyline, showing guys everywhere that they can truly smell ready for anything—whether going after the 24/7 title or unleashing their inner superstar.”

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