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NewsOliver Luck's Attorneys Respond to Vince McMahon in Court - Details

Oliver Luck’s Attorneys Respond to Vince McMahon in Court – Details



As many of you know by now, the XFL filed for bankruptcy. Prior to the shutdown, Vince McMahon fired former Commissioner Oliver Luck. That led to Luck filing a lawsuit. According to USA Today, McMahon’s attorneys were in court earlier this week and claimed that Luck was fired for “gross neglect” of his job, including improper use of a company cell phone and hiring someone with a criminal record. McMahon’s attorneys said Luck “effectively abandoned his responsibilities as the CEO and Commissioner of the XFL at a time when the league faced its most significant crisis –– the threat to its business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Attorney Paul Dobrowski claims the allegations were without merit. He said,

“No one at the time said, ‘Oliver you’re not following XFL policy.’ Or sent him a notice letter, which would have been required under his contract.”

Luck is seeking $23.8 million. Some of that includes $800,000 in base salary for the remaining two months of his 2019-20 contract, a $2 million bonus for the 2019-2020 contract year and $21 million in salary and bonuses for the remaining three years of the contract.

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