One Lawsuit Involving Joey Ryan Dismissed, Moved To New Venue – Details


Seems as though one of Joey Ryan’s many lawsuits filed over the sexual assault claims against him has been dismissed, along with a change of venue.

According to a report by PWInsider, Joey Ryan’s lawsuit against ROH alumnus Pelle Tsichlis, aka Pelle Primeau, was dismissed by the United States District Court in the Central District of California.

Tscichlis’ lawyer argued the fact that the lawsuit was filed in the wrong venue, as the client is a native of Pennsylvania. Having said that, the lawsuit has been transferred to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania US District Court as of January 5th.

Joey Ryan sued Tschilis for defamation of character after Tscichlis had posted to his social media accounts accusing him of sexual assault on multiple women. He urged the general public and people within the wrestling community to “publicly commit” against Joey Ryan and to not book him for any wrestling promotion in the future.

The other ongoing charge that has been filed against Joey Ryan has to do with Impact Wrestling over a breach of contract after the company terminated him over these allegations.

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