Original Plans For Last Week’s Closing RAW Segment Revealed


Last week’s closing segment of RAW saw Bobby Lashley compete in a “Posedown” with the current United States Champion Theory. Lashley won the whole thing, but Theory got the last laugh after he squirted Lashley in the face with baby oil. According to a new report from Fightful Select, the original plan involved another multi-time champion getting into the mix.

The report says that R-Truth was initially pitched for the segment and that more comedic elements were included. Theory has poked some jabs at the “All Mighty” former World Champion, but Lashley hasn’t shown any signs of backing down from the U.S. Champ.

Theory is rumored to face John Cena next month at SummerSlam. Whether or not Theory will still be the champion by SummerSlam remains to be seen.

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