Original Swagger-WrestleMania Plans, Big E. Langston Push?


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with several of the following newsbits:

— One of the things that Vince McMahon hates most is when his WWE stars generate negative news for the media. This is part of the reason the original plans for Jack Swagger winning the World Title at WrestleMania 29 were scrapped. ABC News recently picked up on the story of his DUI case. The article also notes that city prosecutor Kirt Clark always recommends the maximum jail sentence for first time offenders.

— Now that Dolph Ziggler has cashed in the Money in the Bank and captured the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE management is setting their eyes on the start of a big push for Big E Langston as well. As of last week, Langston was scheduled to work some matches against Kane, a veteran performer who is capable and willing of helping newer WWE stars, throughout the upcoming European tour.

Jamie sent this one in: A little funny bit for the update if you want it- Everton (A big Soccer team in England) got inundated with requests to play Fandango’s song before their game tomorrow. Initially the club tweeted that they would not do so (https://twitter.com/Everton, a bit down the feed) they seemed to get more requests (including Fandango tweeting out a picture of Liverpool’s club logo, who are Everton’s biggest rivals, the clubs are literally within 10 minutes of each other) and now they have turned around and will play it. (Also on Twitter Feed.)

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