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NewsOrtiz, Rampage & Rebney Talk Bellator/TNA, PPV, Lots More

Ortiz, Rampage & Rebney Talk Bellator/TNA, PPV, Lots More

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Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, along with Bellator MMA fighters and TNA iMPACT! Wrestling stars Tito Ortiz and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson appeared on a media conference call on Monday to promote the upcoming Rampage vs. Ortiz pay-per-view fight for Bellator on November 2, 2013. Below are highlights from the call:

Bjorn Rebney on the price of the Rampage vs. Tito Ortiz PPV: “Bjorn Rebney: Price points will vary depending on the distributor based on their location around the country. Some places it’ll be $35, others it will be $40. There are different markets that are hotbeds for mixed martial arts. We’ve left that in the hands of the distributors. The $35-45 is the price point we’re talking about.”

Tito Ortiz on pro wrestling/TNA: “I’ve always been a big fan of wrestling. Professional wrestling was what got me into fighting, into collegiate wrestling an din high school. Hulk Hogan was a guy I looked up to. All of a sudden, side to side with Hulk Hogan? I’m gonna run at it like no other.”

Rampage on fighting Roy Jones Jr. and Kimbo: “Rampage Jackson: I think Tito fucked up the Roy Jones Jr. fight. The whole time I was getting ready to prepare for Jones. I was gonna get down to 200 pounds but Tito signed and I thought, “Damn, there goes my Roy Jones fight!” If everything goes according to plan, I think that fight will still happen because Jones is still interested in fighting me. I heard Kimbo was doing well, I figured, ‘Hell, I’ll fight him.'”

Rampage on teaming up with Tito Ortiz: “Rampage Jackson: I wouldn’t mind doing a tag team with Tito down the line.”

Tito Ortiz on possibly joining the Fight Master reality show: “Tito Ortiz: I have an interest in Fight Master, of course I do.”

Rampage on how he’s treated in TNA behind-the-scenes: “The guys have been really cool with me in the locker room. They’ve been giving me advice and showing me tricks and this or that.”

Tito Ortiz on how he’s treated in TNA behind-the-scenes: “All the guys have been very respectful towards me.”

Bjorn Rebney on other potential fights on the 11/2 Bellator PPV: “Bjorn Rebney: If everything works out the way I’m hoping, you’ll get to see Chandler on that pay-per-view. You put him on a card with Rampage and Tito, suddenly people look at him in a very different light. It’s all part of a bigger machine and a bigger puzzle.”

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