Ortiz Says Marko Stunt Is AEW’s Version Of Spike Dudley, More


During a recent virtual signing for K&S Wrestlefest, AEW Superstar Ortiz commented on being a big fan of Marko Stunt and why he’s AEW’s version of Spike Dudley, and more. You can check out some highlights from the virtual signing below:

On wanting Marko Stunt to get more chances to wrestle: “He gets featured, but they don’t let him wrestle nearly enough. If you’ve seen his Indie stuff, Marko, there is potential there for him to have amazing matches.”

On Stunt’s talents not being properly utilized in AEW: “Personally, if you kind of see what he can do more and put him in those situations where he can really flourish, I feel like it’s been very minimal in AEW and booked the right way, it would be great. He has a lot of fire and can do a lot of cool stuff. He’s a wild man. He takes bumps off the apron. He’s like our Spike Dudley. He’s entertaining to watch and when Spike got any kind of offense, the fans were behind him.”

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