Orton’s Reaction To ‘The Marine’, ESPN’s WWE Power Rankings


— Randy Orton, who if you will recall was set to star in The Marine 3: Homefront before an uproar about his discharge from the Marines cost him the role, posted the following on Twitter:

“I enjoyed watching The Marine 3 Homefront last night, but I’m a little jealous that @mikethemiz shot more bad guys then I did in #12rounds”

— Brock Lesnar topped this week’s ESPN WWE Power Rankings. Here’s this week’s Top 10:

1. Brock Lesnar

2. Dolph Ziggler

3. The Shield

4. CM Punk

5. Mark Henry

6. Ryback

7. Kane

8. Daniel Bryan

9. Team Rhodes Scholars

10. The Undertaker

Triple H, The Rock and John Cena were not on this week’s RAW and thus, were not included in the list. However, ESPN seems to feel that RAW is fine without them:

“If The Rock and John Cena fail to appear on TV, they’ll fail to appear in the rankings. Besides, with the awesome buildup of Punk versus Taker so far, who needs them?”

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