Otis Reacts To Reports That Vince McMahon Sent Him To The Performance Center


During a recent interview with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports, Otis commented on the recent reports that he and several other WWE Superstars were sent to the WWE Performance Center. We previously reported here on eWn that Vince McMahon “threw a fit” and sent Otis, Keith Lee, Dabbo Kato, Dio Maddin and Omos there to improve. Otis said,

“I think it’s always been there. I mean, I don’t know where specifically the — how do I explain this? It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, we were told this and that.’ That Performance Center is a tool for us to get better, and to my seeing on it, if a big man wants to come up to me and wants to work on stuff or vice versa? I mean, we’re always working. So that report was kind of funny, at the same time.

You know, we’re never not working here. Especially right now, we don’t have live events so we can’t really get our stuff out, you know what I’m saying? It’s just bottled inside into a little bottle, so we’re not getting that stuff out there. So we’ll find more and more ways to get in the ring. Which obviously, nothing beats a crowd, man. That’s one thing I miss is the crowd man, feeling that rush from there, the acceptance…we’re not getting that out much. So now it’s time to get better. There really hasn’t been set dates or anything. It’s just, ‘Whenever you want to come in, brother,’ and either I’ll talk to Braun about something, and my and Braun will do curls for 30 minutes. So it’s always been there, I don’t know why it became a big report gimmick. But yeah, I don’t know.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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