Over 50 Trending Topics On Twitter For WWE RAW


Over 50 WWE-related terms trended worldwide on Twitter throughout Raw. Check out the full list of trending topics below, with an explanation on why some of the more unusual terms trended.

1st hour trends: #ExtremeRules, Brock Lesnar’s, Johnny Ace, F-5, #RAW, John Cena, Cena and Lesnar, Jamie Noble, Extreme Rules, #LETTHEMFIGHT, Cena’s, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Brodus and Santino , Jack Swagger, Santino Marella, Naomi and Cameron, Funkasaurus, Jerry Lawler, #reptiledysfunction, Teddy Long, Little Jimmy, R-Truth, Will Sasso, The 3 Stooges, Lord Tensai, Dream Machines, Lord Tensai’s, A-Train, Yoshi Tatsu, Prince Albert and #Nikki4DivasChampion.

Jamie Noble trended worldwide after he ran to the ring with the WWE locker room to try and split John Cena and Brock Lesnar up in the opening exchange.

2nd hour trends: CM Punk, #ItsClobberinTime, Straight Edge, Chris Jericho, #CMDrunk, Jericho’s, Mark Henry, Jericho, Be A Star, Zack Ryder, Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Hulk Hogan, Real American, Bret Hart, Pete Rose, WWE Champion, #Raw, Will Sasso, Brock Lesnar, David Otunga, Chris Masters and F-5.

Bret Hart trended when fans reminisced about Bret Hart putting the Sharpshooter on Will Sasso. Similarly, Pete Rose trended when fans tweeted about Kane Chokeslamming other celebrities.

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