OVW Announcer Stepping Away From The Company


Kenny Bolin, an announcer for OVW for over fifteen years, posted the following to his Facebook this morning announcing that he would be doing his last show tonight “for quite some time, if ever again.” Bolin has missed several episodes over the last couple of months due to an illness of some kind. The message reads as follows:

“I am very sad to announce that tonight will be my last OVW TV show for quite some time if ever again. i do hope to return one day down the road but i just have to many things going on in my life right now that i have to deal with and need my attention first. it has been a rough two months for me and my family and i have to leave this area to attend to some of my family issues. i will attempt to do some Saturday night specials in the near future and i truly do hope to return to TV some time in the next 3 to 6 months. i can not make any guarantees on that though. i know this is news to most of my family and friends and to OVW but after some long discussions it seems to be the only answer for now. i do hope that many of my friends and fans will come out to the Davis Arena tonight and say good bye…..at least for now. i also hope to restart season 4 of The Bolin Alley in the very near future and will give updates from my radio show. i want to thank you all for 18 glorious years at OVW and i truly do hope this is not the end. Kenny “StarMaker” Bolin”

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