Paige & Kay Lee Ray Comment On Their Reactions To Winning The WWE Women’s Titles


Paige and WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray were recently interviewed for BT Sport’s YouTube channel. During the interview, they commented on winning their respective WWE women’s titles, and more. Paige said,

“The day before, a couple of us had just been brought up on the road for WrestleMania and again, this goes back to the movie. Dwayne had actually text me on my phone. He was like, ‘Hey it’s DJ. I would love to speak to you at some point.’ I’m like, ‘Who the hell is DJ?’ So, I turn to Dean Malenko, and he’s like, ‘That’s Dwayne Johnson, you idiot.’ I’m like this is crazy! His assisent came and got me and took me there. His assistant came and got me, and I went in there. He was just like, ‘Hey Paige, it’s me Dwayne.’ He goes I just want to let you know you’ll be debuting the next day and you’re gonna win the Divas Championship. I’m like what? I just started crying aggressively. I lost it, and he was like don’t tell anyone. I go to walk out and Tamina is walking in, and she looked at me like, ‘What are you doing in there?’ I’m crying and just shuffled away. I was so intimidated by everyone. I go out and do the match, and everything just changes. That’s it. You forget what sleep is when you become the champ.”


Kay Lee Ray also commented on winning the WWE NXT UK Women’s title back in 2019, saying,

“The day before I won the title, I did maybe one interview that day. And then when I did the match and won the title, I just remember a little look of good luck. The next day was just constant. I remember someone asked me to do something and I’m like give me a second because I’ve three other things to do. It’s a lot of work, but I’m so proud to be representing my division. It’s still unreal to me that I’m a champion.”

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