WWE TOUGH ENOUGH -- Season 6 -- Pictured: Paige -- (Photo by: Scott McDermott/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Paige Reportedly Sues Woman Over Selling Her Home Address Online


WWE Superstar Paige is apparently suing a woman for selling her address online (oh boy!). Here is what Paige had to say about the situation on Twitter:

“You realize how disgusting this is? You literally tried to get money for our address!! You’re a terrible person. The cops are involved. A report was put in your name. Numerous people came forward about you w/ DMs. You changed your Twitter name after being called out. Yeah using lawyers to get a lawsuit for someone selling our address makes me super s–tty. Thanks for making me see the light, bud.”

Unfortunately, the story takes a spin as a woman claimed that she had a prior bad relationship with Paige’s current boyfriend, Ronnie Radke.

Paige took a screenshot and shared the evidence in a series of tweets. You can check out the exchange below and see if you think Paige or Ronnie were in the wrong for what this other woman (Ash) accuses them of:


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