​Paige’s Mother Lashes Out At The ‘Dirtsheets’ – Details


It was reported last week that Vince McMahon and his
right-hand man, WWE Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin
Dunn, aren’t completely sold on WWE newcomers Paige and Adam Rose. The WWE chief
doesn’t easily embrace new talents, which could explain why Paige has had
minimal character development despite holding the Divas Championship. Paige’s
mother Julia Hamer, who wrestles in the United Kingdom as Saraya Knight,
responded to the online report via Facebook.

“So the dirt sheets says Vince doesn’t like
Paige hahahahahahahahahahaha ok lets believe that because it must be true as its
on the internet, oh does that mean that the link that states WWE is closing down
is true also!!!!!!”
she wrote on her personal account before deleting
the message.

Hamer also responded via Twitter to the report,
saying “this is not true.” She deleted that message as well.

Meanwhile, Hamer is also upset about receiving
private messages on Facebook from strangers concerning her daughter, in addition
to other things: “I am seriously thinking of deleting this facebook and
starting again, I have had enough abuse to last a lifetime! Please note I don’t
do sexual favours, I will not give you my blessing to stalk and marry my
daughter, I cannot get you dates with my sons, I cannot give you addresses and
numbers and I will not tolerate you and your rudeness, believe me if you were
stood in front of me it would be handled very differently then a polite message
on facebook!!”

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