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Paige Shoots On Her Nude Video Leaks, Failing WWE Drug Test


Former NXT and Divas Champion Paige has experienced a rough couple of years, but finally might have found some satisfaction and peace of mind in her new role as SDL GM. Paige recently spoke to The Mirror where she was asked about why she has been so open about her video leaks, WWE’s wellness policy, her injury, and her relationships on Total Divas. Paige had this to say.

“You hear a bunch of my stories, the last year and a half took out just everything. All the trouble I got myself into… I was just very open about everything. I was very open with the taped sex that unfortunately got leaked, the popping of drug tests, I was just very open about everything because I want people to learn from my mistakes, you know? Obviously they get to see stuff like my neck injury, my emotions becoming general manager, it just has so much. I have so much to share with you guys and again you just see a different side of me, you get to see Saraya, more than you get to see Paige.”

What excites me about Paige’s interview is that she says she is going to be more revealing on the next season of Total Divas which premieres tonight on E!

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