​Paige Speaks Out – AJ Lee Rematch, Emma, Developmental, More


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WWE Divas Champion
Paige recently spoke about her time with WWE developmental and more. Here are
the highlights…

On a
Rematch With AJ Lee:
“If she does come, great! I can’t wait, because
then it gives me more competition and I know she’s going to be coming straight
after me. She’s going to be full of anger and she’s going to be better than
ever. The girls so far have given me a great fight. Alicia Fox on Raw the other
day really, really stuck it to me! But I still came out victorious. Tamina’s
always been very dominating so I’ve really had a good run so far – so I look
forward to AJ one day.”

“NXT as a whole is fantastic. When I first started we
didn’t have the TV. We had to try and start again and build our brand and no-one
really knew us. We were doing the live events and training every day. When
Triple H took it over and made it his baby he really, really jumpstarted it for
us. I got a large fanbase just from NXT itself. It’s an amazing brand. NXT’s
really, really helping. Everyone really enjoys it. It’s a really short show and
it’s full of wrestling and people love the wrestling side of things too. They
get what they want on Raw, they get what they want on NXT. I think it helps
having NXT – you get to see the young talent before they come up here – it’s
great for everyone.”

Working With Emma:
“Emma is incredible, first of all. I really enjoyed
every single match I had with her and she deserves everything that she’s getting
so far. She’s really, really working hard – she’s definitely a workhorse. She’s
just really happy. People have seen what she can do but not what she’s so
freaking fantastic at. It’s good that people are seeing it bit by bit. If we
just saw it all in our face already, people are going to get tired quickly. The
way she’s growing at the minute, she’s doing great. You haven’t seen the best of
her yet, definitely not.”

On a
Dream Opponent:
“Non-wrestlers, it’d be [UFC Women’s Bantamweight
Champion] Ronda Rousey, because she’s a badass and she’s a big wrestling fan
anyway. Wrestling-wise I’ve wrestled a lot of the girls that I’ve really wanted
to, like Natalya and Emma. I’d love to wrestle Lita, and Bull Nakano is one of
my big inspirations.”

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