Paige Talks About Possibly Wrestling Again If She’s Ever Medically Cleared


Paige commented on possibly being cleared to wrestle again during an appearance on Renee Young’s podcast. 

The former WWE Divas Champion has spinal stenosis and is not medically cleared to wrestle. 

“I got chills when I saw Bryan and Edge talking to each other backstage. It was so inspiring and makes me feel good. I haven’t had any issues with my neck right now. Sometimes I’ll wake up and it feel weird, but it will go away. I’m going to get my neck checked really soon to see the progress of it. Hopefully, it looks good. I’m not saying in any form that they’re going to clear me, it’s literally just a check up, but I am intrigued to know how my neck has progressed. It feels good. It scares me as well to come back to wrestling because I really want to and would come back tomorrow, but I’ll have it in the back of my head like ‘what if something happens and I do get paralyzed?’ It does scare me and I know I’m not going to be fully ready mentally to come back, but watch out world, when I am mentally ready to come back, everyone is in trouble.”

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