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Paige VanZant Says WWE Had A ‘Different Plan’ For Her Compared To AEW



AEW star Paige VanZant recently appeared on the “Throwing Down With Renee and Meisha” podcast and commented on meeting with WWE officials, WWE having a “different plan” for her compared to AEW, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her in-ring training and making the transition from MMA to pro wrestling: “Honestly, it’s amazing. A lot of similarities and I think that I’m going to pick things up quickly, but the hard thing is to break some of the habits. The moves are so similar from MMA training to pro wrestling training, but there’s just those few differences that you really want to focus on. So I think that’s going to be the hardest thing is just to adapt because I am still training MMA, to separate the two when I’m doing separate things just to make sure, alright, I’m wrestling now, I need to, you know, just make those few adjustments.”

On meeting with WWE and why it didn’t fit what she wanted: “I did know that my career would take me into pro wrestling eventually. I wasn’t sure what venue that would be, if that would be WWE, or if that would be AEW. I’ve been a fan of both. So I actually did make it out about a year ago to the WWE Headquarters. You know, they had a different plan for what they wanted for me, whereas AEW I am so excited that they were happy to partner with me and let me continue to fight MMA, continue to do bare-knuckle boxing. They are really honestly on board to just build my career, build me as a wrestler, and still let me be myself.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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