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NewsPaige's Mother Trends, UK Promoter Cleared, UK Commentator & Referee Fired

Paige’s Mother Trends, UK Promoter Cleared, UK Commentator & Referee Fired



  • RevPro UK have parted ways with their commentator and trainer Andy Simmonz, it has been confirmed.  Additionally, referee Chris Roberts, who hadn’t been involved with the promotion recently, is also confirmed as gone.  Promoter Andy Quildan replied to a question on his personal Twitter to a question about recent allegations to both, by saying:

    “Both Andy Simmonz and the young man referenced in the original tweet are no longer associated with RevPro or the Portsmouth School of wrestling.”

  • Staying in the United Kingdom, a former promoter has been cleared of allegations.  Daniel Edler, former owner of IPW, posted up on his personal Facebook a clearance letter from local police.  The letter stated:

    “I am writing to you to inform you of the decision to take no furter action against you with reference to crime report [report number redacted]”.

    It continues, “The decision was made to take no further action with reference to this report and the decision was reached on 28/04/2020 after the report was reviewed by [name redacted]”

    The accusation surrounded a allegation of indecency with a minor back in 2018.

  • And finally, Paige’s mother trended in one of her Twitch streams. Sweet Saraya/Saraya Knight is one of many in the UK who have been accused in the #SpeakingOut movement, but her whole family have immediately refuted all allegations.   Paige’s father Ricky Knight, on his personal Facebook, this evening posted the following:

    “My daughter doing a twitch stream tonight and it was taken over by #istandwithsaraya“.

    Attached to the post was a video showing the hashtag being posted repeatedly in the chat of the Twitch stream.

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