Pat Buck Schools Fans On Who He Is After Appearing In Nia Jax Segment On RAW


WWE producer Pat Buck tweeted the following today, schooling fans on his background after many casual people had been questioning who he was after his appearance on RAW. He said,

“Appreciate all the [heart emoji] from RAW Monday, and even all of the many comments asking ‘who are you?’ When I see something I’m not familiar with during something I enjoy (e.g. a marvel movie) I look it up so I can gain some insight. The backstories make for a higher level of appreciation. So if you’re a wrestling expert, critic, or devoted fan and don’t care to know about my nineteen year plight as a wrestler, promoter, trainer, agent then perhaps you’re not as knowledgeable as you pretend to be….but it’s still nice to meet ya anyway! Hi, I’m Pat buck…WWE Official.”


Former WWE producer Scott Armstrong then chimed in with the following, “ALWAYS REMEMBER, the high flying eagle doesn’t concern himself with the crow!!!”

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