Pat McAfee Explains His Attack On Adam Cole


Former NFL player Pat McAfee addressed his attack on Adam Cole on last week’s episode of NXT during this week’s edition of The Pat McAfee Show.

The two stars will meet in a singles match at NXT TakeOver: 30. Here is what he had to say: 


“Obviously, last Wednesday night, something happened on NXT that I did not expect to happen, that I did not know was going to happen that frankly is out of my character a little bit. But there’s only so many times that I can be disrespected. And I said this in an Instagram post, ‘Tim McAfee and Sally McAfee didn’t raise no punk ass b****.’ You want to push my friend, you want to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the studio, you want to throw a bottle at me, you want to yell at me because of a couple little jokes I make, at some point, I’m going to have to do something. OK? And what I decided to do was punt his head off of his f***ing body and knock him out cold. Then Triple H by the way, a man that we were friends with, right? Friends, done business with, respect, gets up the next day, talks a lot of **** on me and then offers me a challenge to fight Adam Cole on Takeover on August 22, Summerslam weekend.”

“Listen, I got in shape for my wedding. Best shape that I’ve been in in a long time. It is nothing just to continue that to go, and I will make sure that I won’t look terrible in there like the Saturday Night Live guys did. And by the way, Tyson Fury, best boxer I’ve ever seen, he looked terrible in the [WWE] ring. There’s been a lot of outsiders, even though I’ve worked for NXT for a few years, and I’ve had a match before. Shout out WARPIG, IWA East Coast. I also kicked his head off, pinned him. It’s a common trend here. I am undefeated. I don’t know if anybody in NXT is currently undefeated throughout their entire professional wrestling career like me. But I am going to look good in there. I just want to let everybody know that I am very much going in there with the mindset that I’m gonna win. I’m going to remain undefeated, and I am going to dance on the grave of the entire f***ing NXT. So, that is just how I feel. I think that is how our entire office feels. I feel that is my mindset going in because I got pushed out of there by the guy that runs the place.”

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