Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee Never Attempted The Code Red Prior To SummerSlam


Pat McAfee picked up a massive win against Happy Corbin this past weekend at SummerSlam. The former NFL punter performed a Code Red onto Corbin for the 1-2-3.

Speaking on the latest edition of his “Pat McAfee Show”, McAfee revealed that he never attempted the move before his match in Nashville and felt it was the right time to do so.

“Not a destroyer. Code Red. Had I ever done it before to anybody? Nope, but it felt like the right time and right place. Wasn’t the cleanest match I’ve ever had. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the humidity. I’m pumped to get out of there with a dub.”

Many fans have praised McAfee’s SmackDown commentary partner, Michael Cole, for showing a lot of emotion and passion while calling the match on Saturday. McAfee recently signed a contract extension with WWE, so perhaps fans can expect to see him in the ring again in the future.

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