Paul Bearer Suffered Blood Cot Days Before Death


Paul Bearer reportedly complained of a blood clot days before his death. TMZ reports that according to Cauliflower Alley Club board member Bob Kelly, Bearer was in poor health on March 2nd at a club reunion event and had a severe breathing problem, coughing and having trouble standing for long periods of time. Bearer complained of suffering a blood clot and said he planned to seek treatment for respiratory issues.

Kelly says that Bearer went to the hospital right after the reunion and was informed that he was being treated for a blood clot. This confirms our exclusive report that Bearer was admitted to the hospital and then passed away Tuesday evening around 5PM.

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Just three days before Paul Bearer died, he complained he was suffering a blood clot … TMZ has learned.

“Cowboy” Bob Kelly — one of the board members of a prominent wrestling society called the Cauliflower Alley Club — tells TMZ he last saw Paul on March 2nd at a Club reunion.

Bob says Paul was in bad health, with a severe breathing problem. According to people at the event, Bearer was coughing and had trouble standing for long periods of time. He told people he was going to seek treatment for what he called “respiratory issues.”

Bob says Paul went to the hospital immediately following the reunion.

Bob says he was later informed the famed wrestling manager was being treated for a blood clot.

Saturday was the last time Bob spoke to Paul. He was 58.

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