Paul Ellering Dishes On His Return To WWE, Managing The Authors Of Pain, More


Jim Ross recently interviewed Paul Ellering for The Ross Report. Here are the highlights.

On his return to WWE:


“I didn’t think it was in the cards because when I hung up the tights in 200sh, I got into Sled Dog Racing, and set up a couple of businesses, and never imagined this opportunity would arise, then all of a sudden I got a phone call out of the blue and I was asked to check it out and then I liked what I saw and it brought me back to the business, but I’ve always loved the business. It always had a special place in my heart. I love the challenge of making it work, and that is all that has been my goal when I managed the Road Warriors and now the Authors of Pain, let’s make this thing work. This is going to be great, which is what gets me up in the morning.”

On managing the Authors of Pain:

“They have all the tools. They have great amateur backgrounds. Rezar was an MMA Fighter and fought Bellator and Akam was an Olympic caliber wrestler; they just started young and have all they need in the professional ranks. I am just there to sort of guide them a little bit. I like that because that is what life is about when you get to where I’m at, it’s like, okay let’s pass something on here; a little old school along with a little new school, maybe I will learn something too.”

On today’s generation being afraid to try different things:

“I don’t think they’re afraid to try new things because there’s just so much more available with the internet and everything. When we started, it was just TV, the ring, and the matches, but now there’s just more outlets and more availability. You just have to be more opened-minded to go for it. I don’t see a fear in any of these guys’ eyes. They are just out there and boy I tell you if you compare what they are doing now to 30-40 years ago is just incredible. The business has really skyrocketed in that respect. It evolves, and wrestling has always been to me like pop culture, and where society is; whether pessimistic or optimistic. I just think now is a great time to be in the business, to be surrounded in the sport and all this young talent, I go down to NXT, I am one of the only guys there with reading glasses, but they are just so nice; great, great talent, just unbelievable.”

On wrestling needing to be unpredictable:

“Wrestling is always evolution because if the people don’t buy it and they don’t like the product, it’s going to change, because ultimately people have to buy the product, and if they don’t like it they aren’t going to put it on. The audience is up on everything. They want to see a contest, it still has to be a contest; whether it’s style or character, it still has to be a contest, and they love the fact that it is a contest, and they like the fact you can be around someone who knows about the business better than anybody and they’ll sit down and try to predict every match at WrestleMania and still won’t get it right, and that is what brings people back.”

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