Paul Heyman Claims He Shoots On A Reporter


Paul Heyman posted on Twitter about being interviewed by concerning the ECW December to Dismember PPV, which led to his exit from the company in 2006. Here is what Heyman posted…

“I love how everyone wants to remind me that I left @WWE six years ago today. But here’s one better .. @WWE Dot Com sends this two bit hack reporter to interview me last night … not about @CMPunk surpassing @JohnCena …..not about your reigning defending @WWE Champion @CMPunk’s rightful place front and center on pro wrestling’s Mt Rushmore ….. @WWE Dot Com had this “reporter” ask me questions about THE #ECW DECEMBER TO DISMEMBER PAY PER VIEW EVENT! I won’t spoil the fun, but for those of you looking for the latest “shoot promo,” check out the story. I’m sure @WWE won’t like it too much… and, bluntly, I don’t care if @WWE likes it or not. I stand by what I said, and meant every single solitary word! The story comes out this week. We now return you to our regularly scheduled decadence, debauchery, and hustlin’!”

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