Paul Heyman Congratulates Roman Reigns On Reaching 500 Days As Universal Champion


We reported on Thursday here on eWn that Roman Reigns has been WWE Universal Champion for 500 days.

While the two aren’t aligned anymore, Paul Heyman took to Instagram to congratulate “The Tribal Chief” on his history making reign. He said,

“The entire WWE Universe (and #multiverse, and #metaverse) should be spending today ACKNOWLEDGING the fact that @romanreigns is only the second being in history (other than The Beast BRRRRRRRRROCK LESNAR) to hold the @WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship for 500 consecutive days. I would besmirch, indeed disparage my own contributions and accomplishments if I didn’t ACKNOWLEDGE this amazing achievement by the #TribalChief of the #IslandOfRelevancy. It has been, without question, a championship reign for the history books, including the single most declarative pinfall victory in the history of #WrestleMania main events. I therefore congratulate the #HeadOfTheTable on day 500 of his uninterrupted tenure as the reigning, defending, undisputed, #WWE #UniversalHeavyweightChampion!”

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