Paul Heyman believes he is the greatest wrestling manager of all time

Paul Heyman Explains Why He’s The Greatest Manager Of All Time


Paul Heyman believes he may very well be the best wrestling manager of all time.

During a recent appearance on 101 WRIF, Heyman explained that he feels that he is the greatest wrestling manager of all time, having managed the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (in ECW), The Undertaker (in WCW), “Ravishing” Rick Rude (WCW), Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and so on.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his place among the greatest managers: “I think it’s undisputed that I am the greatest manager, advocate, and special counsel of all time. If for no other reason than the first 35 years of my stellar career on top. I am the special counsel for the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, the Head of the Table, the end all be all, Roman Reigns who smashed, absolutely smashed Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania to unify the WWE and Universal Heavyweight Championships and is now the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world with this entire industry. Just based on that, let alone everything else I accomplished before, I’d say you got a pair of GOATS on your hand now.”

On other former clients facing Roman Reigns: “Stone Cold Steve Austin was managed by me in WCW before he came to WWE. In between WCW and WWE, Steve Austin stopped off in ECW, which I owned at the time, so I’ve known Steve Austin for over 30 years and I’m very proud of him. I thought it was very smart for him to wrestle his last match instead of stepping up and trying one more run against the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. As for The Undertaker, I managed him as well in WCW. As he has revealed in the past few weeks in some interviews. I was one of the people who facilitated his move to WWE and to become The Undertaker. I also applaud his decision to enter the Hall Of Fame signifying the end of The Undertaker’s career before he got itchy and decided to step up one more time against The Tribal Chief and get smashed the same way Brock Lesnar did this past Sunday.”

Do you believe Paul Heyman is the greatest manager in all of professional wrestling?

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