Paul Heyman Explains Why Vince McMahon Is The Greatest Promoter In Wrestling History


Paul Heyman was a recent guest on Mark Andrews’ “My Love Letter to Wrestling” podcast as he explained why Vince McMahon is the greatest wrestling promoter in history.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the greatest promoter in wrestling history: “Who do I think is the best? Well, Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the wealthiest, and it is a business. If you go by stock options, control of that stock, control of the publicly traded company, distribution of the product that you control, and sheer cash assets, then the answer to that question is Vincent Kennedy McMahon. If you’re talking about who can lay out the great scenarios, who is the greatest creative mind in the history of the industry, that’s a different discussion. But just in terms of success, the answer’s gonna be Vince McMahon.”

On McMahon’s longevity as a promoter and businessman: “It’s not like he invested in Crypto three years ago and he went from $4 to $50,000. He’s been doing this, the undisputed czar of the industry, against all challenges, for 40 years. And with the exception of a couple of times that he got knocked down by competitors, and that competitor happens to be a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with multiple networks backing it up and a practically unlimited checkbook, which is fine by the way. Hey, that’s the world.

“If Coca-Cola, or Pepsi, or whoever decided to start a sports entertainment league tomorrow, that’s the competitor. You’ve got to beat them or they’re going to beat you. That’s, you know, welcome to the jungle. No matter what anyone thinks, Vince McMahon, and I’ve heard both sides of the coin about Vince. You know he’s either God or the devil. He’s been on top for 40 years and he’s done quite well. He’s not an overnight success. He’s not a crypto billionaire. He’s someone that’s earned it and grew it.”

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