Paul Heyman Getting Tons Of Praise Backstage


The reaction to Paul Heyman from fans online seems to be mostly positive for his mic work. Well, it turns out that people backstage are big fans of Paul’s mic work too. A lot of the people on the roster and in the office have said that Paul is putting in some of the best mic work he’s ever done and some of the praise is coming from the office. Heyman is not ruffling feathers in the company these days because he is not involved in the creative process but he’s given advice to many of the talents when asked. The general feeling is from some of the lower card talent is that that they’d love to be paired with Heyman or get the rub from him by working a program with him to help their careers. No one blames Heyman for the failed push of Ryback or Curtis Axel since that really falls on the lap of the creative team.

It might surprise some people to know that Heyman gets along with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Heyman and McMahon did not see eye to eye all of the time in the mid 2000s but I’m told that these days everything is very professional between them and there haven’t been any issues. The company also realizes that they did do some damage to Brock Lesnar since he lost so many pay-per-view matches but he’s been kept strong in part because of Paul’s mic work and they feel that Brock can help them with pay-per-view buys and WWE Network subscriber numbers because people will pay to see Brock wrestle when he returns since Paul has done such a good job keeping his name out there during his hiatus.

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