Paul Heyman Goes On A Twitter Rant – Details


Paul Heyman went on a rant on his Twitter account, telling the new generation of talent to “Step Up,” “Stand Up” and “Get Noticed.” Check out a portion of the rant below; the full rant is on his Twitter (

I know how much hard work goes into it, and how you have to SCORE with your opportunities,” Heyman wrote. “The next generation in this (or any other business) doesn’t just need to ‘Step Up,’ they need to ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Get Noticed!’

Think it was easy for C.M. Punk? Think it was easy for Daniel Bryan? They had to scratch and claw and fight for every inch of turf they could pry away from the previous generation, who made them f—in’ earn it!!!

It’s not about backstabbing. It’s not about kissing ass. It’s not about pulling a hot stunt and getting momentary publicity. It’s about creating your own opportunity (like Steve Austin did with “Stone Cold”) and working harder than everyone else looking for the big break, the next chance, the golden opportunity. This isn’t a pep talk. It’s the lay of the land as I see it in today’s sports entertainment industry.

…AMBITION. ASSERTIVENESS … and the ABILITY TO BACK IT UP is what it takes to create the next generation of main eventers. The talent is there. The opportunity has never been more widespread. The need for new main eventers is readily apparent ‘DOCILE’ and ‘COMPLACENT’ and ‘HUMBLE TO A FAULT’ won’t cut it.

While a dose of humility is always needed, that ‘main event confidence’ is just as important. And it’s time for the next group of superstars to stake their claim and create their own generation for others to follow. Period.”

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