Paul Heyman Headed To WWE Titan Towers + More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— WWE confirmed via text message that Beth Phoenix was off the Extreme Rules PPV tonight. Nikki Bella will face a “mystery Diva” for her title. That turned out to be Layla. Kharma was backstage but they opted to go with Layla instead. They may be saving Kharma’s return for RAW or SmackDown.

Cable V. sent this in: I heard a few minutes of the latest interview that CM Punk did on the Abe Kanan radio show. As a heads-up, Paul Heyman was interviewed for Punk’s DVD and will be at Titan Towers in a couple weeks to sit down with Punk and do commentary on some of the matches. Punk also told a funny story about how after his match at Survivor Series, he walked by the Rock and said “follow that, a**hole.” He wasn’t even sure that the Rock knew who he was at the time. This picture from backstage at Mania is him saying the same thing to him. However, by this point they had already “talked it out”, so it was more of a joke. CM Punk also talked about how much he is involved in his DVD project, going as far as to approach the bands that he knows in order to use their music in the project. He said if he is telling his life story, he wants to make sure to use music that was important to him at that point in time.

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