Paul Heyman Heaps Praise On The Usos


Paul Heyman recently did an interview with NBC Sports to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Heyman heaped a ton of praise on SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions The Usos. Here’s what he had to say:

“That’s on them. The Usos are a great example, a GREAT example. The Usos were always frustrated because they always felt that they could be the defining tag team of this generation. They didn’t just want to put on good matches, they didn’t just want to have a catchy entrance tune, they didn’t want to just look good on pay-per-view and on television, the Usos wanted the opportunity to be the defining tag team of this generation.

“They tried all of these different ways to get to that level until finally they just came out of the box with their promos and their promos now are so innovative, so progressive, so ahead of everyone else’s that they are now truly in my opinion now have an argument to say, they are not only the best tag team in WWE right now, but certainly of the last decade and could certainly wind up being the best tag team of all time.”

You can read Heyman’s full interview with NBC Sports by clicking this link here.

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