Paul Heyman Is Beautiful & He Knows It + Punk/Lesnar Plans?


— When asked if he would be bringing back his baseball cap, Paul Heyman stated the following on Twitter… “Not a chance. I’m beautiful and I know it!”

— Heyman has also been re-tweeting several messages from fans and colleagues since returning on Monday, including one where a fan suggested a CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar feud. Considering that Heyman has strong ties with Lesnar and Punk, it will be interesting to see how the interaction may play out on TV. Some feel that a Punk vs. Lesnar match will be the way WWE gets the title off Punk and onto Lesnar. Others feel Lesnar won’t be champion as he won’t be working live events.

— On his website, Jim Ross wrote the following about Paul Heyman’s return to WWE… “Paul Heyman’s return to Raw Monday night was a pleasant surprise. Heyman’s skills help add star power to the WWE’s franchise broadcast and his role of representing Brock Lesnar is art imitating life to some degree. Heyman’s promo was effective because Paul wasn’t playing a character that he did not ‘feel’ but instead was simply being himself…amplified. The promo was also ‘money’ because Heyman has a legit, emotional investment in the topic on which he addressed. Bottom line is that all talents of the genre who are called upon to speak will do significantly better when being themselves rather than being someone that they aren’t. Finally, we’re getting lots of questions on Heyman’s WWE status and I have no idea if or when we will see Paul again in his Lesnar Rep role. I think that it would be entertaining as hell if Paul sat in with King and Cole for a match or two on Raw. Fireworks!! Even though the TV persona of Heyman can be a boil on the buttocks of life, no one can ever deny that the lifelong fan doesn’t have immense talent and passion for the genre. Some fans have Tweeted me @JRsBBQ and said that WM17 was their favorite WrestleMania and included the commentary done by Paul and yours truly as one of the reasons why.”

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