Paul Heyman On CM Punk’s 380 Day WWE Title Run


Paul Heyman posted the following comments on Twitter today, discussing CM Punk’s 380 day title run…

#380 It’s official. @CMPunk has tied @JohnCena as the longest reigning @WWE Champion of the modern era!

#380 No matter what you think of this business, or HOW you think this industry works behind the scenes …

… #380 is simply an awe-inspiring achievement, an almost-impossible task in today’s hyper-competitive, chew-em-up environment …

@CMPunk reaching #380 is like Ted Williams batting 400. You don’t realize it while it’s happening,but this won’t happen again 4 a LONG time!

I am truly honored beyond words to be along for this ride. #380 @CMPunk @WWE Champion

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