Paul Heyman On Why Vince McMahon Keeps Him Around


Paul Heyman recently spoke with WWE Magazine about his position in the company despite his up-and-down relationship with Vince McMahon over the years and more. Check out the highlights:

On why Vince keeps him around: “I would suggest that Mr. McMahon is, at the core, a businessman, through and through. And my assessment of his feelings toward me is simply this: That The Chairman holds me in less contempt than he does others who can’t generate the kind of revenue that Paul Heyman can deliver.”

On managing in the two of the top three WrestleMania 29 matches: “If you had asked Mr. McMahon a year ago if Paul Heyman would be associated with WrestleMania 29, he wouldn’t have said, ‘I don’t even want him watching WrestleMania. If he buys the pay-per-view, send him his money back and block his cable! Brock Lesnar was never supposed to come back. And no one wanted C.M. Punk from the moment he arrived here.”

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