Paul Heyman Reacts To Drew McIntyre Being The Next One In Line For Roman Reigns


During a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Paul Heyman commented on Roman Reigns’ incredible championship run so far, Drew McIntyre being the next one in line and why they aren’t taking him lightly, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Drew McIntrye being next for Reigns: “It appears Drew McIntyre thinks that he’s next. Drew McIntyre is very capable, you’re only as great as the challenges that you turn back. The problem for Drew, and I said this to Roman Reigns several years ago on Monday Night Raw, and that was during a period when he was the Big Dog and had to achieve more by his own admission to become The Tribal Chief. Drew McIntyre is the right guy in the right place at the wrong time. Because any other time in history, Drew McIntyre would wipe out the entire division, Drew McIntyre would most likely unify the Heavyweight Championships and Drew McIntyre would have a chance to go down as the greatest of all time.”

On not taking McIntyre lightly: “No doubt, but this is Roman Reigns’ era. We live in the time of the Tribal Chief, and Drew McIntyre, in my opinion, is the most amazing talent on the face of the planet, but there’s an asterisk, and that asterisk denotes ‘with the exception of Roman Reigns’, and that’s the problem for Drew McIntyre. Against anybody else, there’s no stopping Drew McIntyre, which means Roman Reigns has to be at his absolute best because one slip up against Drew McIntyre, you get hit in the face with a Claymore and you will get pinned. We don’t take Drew McIntyre lightly, he’s a danger, he’s a threat and a worthy opponent for the Tribal Chief and we’re very cognizant of that fact.”

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