Paul Heyman Reveals Why Roman Reigns Is The GOAT, Brock Lesnar, More


During a recent interview with Complex, Paul Heyman commented on Roman Reigns being the GOAT, his new entrance theme, Brock Lesnar, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On why Roman Reigns is the GOAT: “Anytime I tell you Roman Reigns is the greatest of all time, the GOAT, I’m offering you not a prediction but a spoiler. I’m telling you something that you need to know. I’m informing you something not only about the character that you see on television, about the persona that is projected through that character, but about the man himself. Let’s what they call ‘a shoot.’ What could I do to top what I’ve done with Brock Lesnar? How’s that even possible? Look at the run that we had since we both returned in 2012. Look at what we put together as a body of work since 2002. That includes writing a bestseller book. That includes what Brock was doing in UFC. Let alone a near 600 day run as champion, multiple world championships outside of that one. And of course the biggest victory in the history of WWE, Brock Lesnar conquering the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania 30.

“How could I even approach being on camera after that run? The only way to approach even the concept of going on camera after that is to do it with someone that wanted to achieve the impossible, that looked at the task of topping a run like that and saying, “We can top that. We can do better. We can be more historic than even that run.” And the only person that I know that would be willing to take on that challenge is Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns looks at his first eight years in WWE and says, “I can top that.” We’re talking about a man that main evented WrestleMania four consecutive years. Talking about a man that main evented around the world since the day he debuted on the main roster. And yet he wants to make everything that he’s done before pale by comparison. That’s the only thing that could have lured me back, seduced me back in front of the camera. Because Roman Reigns takes a look at sports entertainment history, looks at Bruno Sammartino, he looks at Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, The Undertaker. He looks at all of their accomplishments and just like he did at WrestleMania, when he stacked Daniel Bryan and Edge on top of each other and pinned them, he wants to stack all of those Mount Rushmore names, all of those Hall of Fame names, all of those icons, all of those legends, all of their accomplishments, stack them together, and he wants to go one level above.”

On explaining the goal of Roman Reigns: “That’s his vision. That’s his goal. That’s what drove him back to WWE. That is the driving force. That is the yearning. That’s the craving. That is the lust. Every micro moment you see the man, the character, the persona on camera, that’s what drives Roman Reigns. That’s why I call him the GOAT. Because if he’s not the GOAT by this moment, I’m telling you, it’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler. He’s going to achieve that level because that’s the reason why he’s there. And I know him and nothing’s going to stop him. Nothing. No one.”

On Roman Reigns getting new entrance music: “It was the final step away from The Shield. That’s what it was. One of the things that Roman Reigns and I spoke about, with all final decisions being Roman Reigns’. I am Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief, and that’s not just a public persona on television. Behind the scenes, I’m Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief. And one of the many things that we were both desirous of, A. Change the mannerisms. B. Change the presentation. C. Change the hairstyle. D. Change the look. He took off the vest, and rightfully so. He changed the music. It was time to change the music. That was The Shield’s theme. Now it’s evolved. Now it’s Roman Reigns’ theme. Now it has nothing to do with The Shield or the members of The Shield. It has evolved. It’s better. We’re not resting on what it was. We are invoking the future. We’re not reminding you of the past. With respect to the past, we’re bringing it forward.”

On being in step with Roman Reigns’ swagger: “…When it’s the debut of his new music, and there is a certain swagger that Roman Reigns has walking out to the ring, isn’t it incumbent upon all those around him to be in step with that persona so that we are presenting a united front, so that I am simply an extension of the swagger with which Roman Reigns approaches the squared circle. In other weeks, I am the side salad. This one [time], we had to be in lockstep. I was an extension of Roman Reigns. The swagger was united because this was the first time you were hearing the music. There was no contrast. We were together. We were in unison. If you watched, it wasn’t just the swagger. My shoulders swayed as his shoulders swayed. My left foot went with his left foot. My right foot went with his right foot. We were in lock step because that was what the new theme required in order to convey to the audience the enormity of this moment.”

On how he would handle Brock Lesnar returning to WWE: “Yes. Well, first of all, if Brock Lesnar would decide to return, I don’t know if he really needs Paul Heyman’s permission, blessing, or advice in doing so. Paul Heyman, as the advocate for Brock Lesnar, conveyed and articulated the message that The Beast, The Conqueror wanted the audience to understand through his actions. Let me be very clear about Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do. It’s not a saying, it’s not a T-shirt, it’s not a slogan, it’s not a catch phrase. It’s a fact. It’s a methodology by which he lives his life. You know how you can tell Brock Lesnar hasn’t decided to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship? He hasn’t done it. If Brock Lesnar wanted to do it, he would do it whether Paul Heyman likes it or not.

“Now, as to your hypothetical. I appreciate you asking me the question. Not because I like the question, but because it allows me to invoke the name of my father who was a far smarter man that I will ever hope to be. My father had an expression, ‘If your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle. She doesn’t, so she’s not.’ I don’t deal in hypotheticals. I answer in derogatories that are based on fact, not fiction. Brock Lesnar returning, until he does, is fiction. My aunt does not have balls. Therefore she’s still my aunt, not my uncle. Brock Lesnar has not returned because he doesn’t want to, at least not yet.”

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